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My Second Day and It’s a Friday

Friday. A great day to start with gaining 30 pip last nite on USD/JPY pair.  Saw the right sign with the Candle Stick and FX analysis did a buy and also a profit take limit of 30 pips the nite before and slept.. wa lah the next morning … kachink… saw I made the 30 pips profit.. what a day to start up  which of course override the fact I could not find my car keys that almost made me late for work..  What made up also was the great Banana Leaf rice lunch in Puchong for those who are familiar with the KL.

Tech Review for today : Had iPhone for probably 2 weeks and great mobility but of course not all is perfect right even though with the upgrade of the OS to 3.0, it still had some weakness. For one when I receive missed calls mesg from my Telco via sms, they somehow disappear from the list of the SMS library.  But credit needs to be given , it helps being online on the web , my twitter page and becomes my main camera to take pics and post it in an instant to the facebook, is it great or great. But for 3G lover, take note that if you switch to 3G network connection,  then your battery will run dry pretty fast.  it ranges from 8 hrs to 12 hrs , depending on the usage.  Tips: switch the 3G off  till you need it then switch it on the pull data or surf the net, but once complete switch it off to conserve energy.  Who knows , Murphy’s law, you might need to make an urgent call and be caught with no power.


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