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A Day of Resting and Comfort Food in Penang

Tou Yuen Restaurant at Campbell Street.

Tou Yuen Restaurant at Campbell Street.

A food lovers Haunt in Penang

A food lovers Haunt in Penang during the nite

Woke up and its Saturday and being a proactive guy and a strategist, *sigh*, tomorrow is  gonna be Sunday and will be flying back to KL. The commuting weekly or at least every fortnight is my routine to my beloved food haven hometown. Took my parents and family to “Tou Yuen” ( Peach) restaurant which specialize in Cantonese noodles and “tim sum” located at the heart of Penang island town, Campbell street. I have been going there since I can remember and the owner try to retain the look, not sure if it is because trying to retain the heritage or trying to cost down the renovation. Whatever it was, the food was great. If you are ever there, try their Fried Mee in Gravy ( crispy yet filled with gravy) and the Curry Bun. Looks like a loaf of bread with hidden treasure of chicken curry inside the bread. Afternoon was spent going to the Mall and walking aimlessly in Qeensbay Mall.  Malaysia Sale is on, a way to boost the economy, and for those shopaholics, it’s haven. To a saver like me, opportunity to buy stuff I may not need.

Had a great home cook comfort food from mum, never fail to have good soup to go along with dinner.  My dad a Electronic techy person found a power adapter that works on the PSP ( Sony) that was out of  order as replacement.  After dinner, shared with dad, my new found hobby in learning about trading and also internet marketing I learn from my Trading Guru Kishore and Top Blogger Alvin Phang.  Not to mention T-Harv Eker that inspired me. Later went home to complete my laborious weekly report for my dept.

Tech Tips for Sony PSP: Just discovered that if you own a Sony PSP, and if you have HP IPAQ charger then you find that IPAQ charger can be use on Sony PSP. Tested and proven.


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