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A Slow Monday for catch-up

Japan Lavender Furano

Feeling Blue or Purple? Fields of Lavender in Furano, Hokkaido

Today is rather slow. Recovering from my travel the day before. Work today revolves around  planning for the week deliverables and also activities for the week.  My company Quarter 1 begins in July 1st, so going thru the commit and also trying to work on the Lead indicators to my projects my team is undertaking. I usually chunk them out to weekly task and achievement whcih acts as a lead indicator when we measure them weekly on the completion to surface out project bottleneck or constraints. Focus on the weekly deliverables,  the end date will take care of itself. This, from experience gives a 80% chance of project meeting the first committed schedules.The other 20% will be contributed by areas that is not within your circle of influence.

Spend the rest of the day looking at the market and learning more about the Trading.  USD/GBP pair is the focus for me today. Looks like at the time of my blogging is going up more than 20 pips already. I set my limit at 30 pips, so keeping fingers crossed. Good chance with Stochastic going up and ADX looks strong.

Project Management is all about

  1. managing your stake holders, updating your sponsors and core team on the progress of the program.
  2. marketing the project in order to create the hunger for your audience to want it , which will help the ease of deployment which  the push  and with the right marketing , the end user will pull ( higher acceptance rate).
  3. meet you commitment on the delivery per the scope and function committed.
  4. Influencing others skill set  and leading cross functional tohave common goal and get core team accountable.
  5. Ensure there is KPI ( Key Performance Index) or Success indicator reflecting the program health at weekly level.
  6. And most of Have fun along the way.

Tech Glitch and Fix of the day: My iPhone acting up again, everytime it complete one song in the play list it exits. Not able to play 2 songs consecutively. The only way I could fix it is to restore the defaulted  setting which took almost 45 minutes and all to restore the original behavior.


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