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Sunday Ritual

FireFlyz M'sia Budget Airline Courtesy of

FireFlyz M'sia Budget Airline Courtesy of

On weekend that I go back to my hometown which is like at least 3 times a month depending if I have to travel for my work else will be every week. Firefly ( Malaysia Budget Airlines – subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines – MAS) is my choice of transport mode. For budget travelers book ahead of time like 8-9 months ahead of time, much cheaper than driving ( KL-PG). I have my booking till end of the year. But of course I am prepared to burn some flights due to last minute Work travel changes or emergency that need me to be here in KL or oversea.

Had breakfast with Family and Dad , having “Roti Canai” and “Nasi Lemak” for breakfast before sending the children to the Academy Of Squash for their weekly training. They called it grass root training, in the hope that another Nicole or Ong Beng Hee emerges. The Academy is supported by Head  , manufacturer of squash and tennis rackets  and the academy is also the home ground of Nicole David where she started. Used to be called Pepsi Squash Center till the sponsorship expired. The Penang State team was training there and notice a lot of secondary school have taken interest and a lot of schools book the courts and have some level of coaching sessions. Good to see the Sport squash is growing interest and mushrooming.

Took the family and Dad to watch Harry Porter and the Half Blood Prince. Children was anticipating more action , I presume the show is heightening up the storyline to prepare for a bang in the next movie since Professor life ended. Opps forget what I say for those who have not watch the movie but then again a lot of folks have already read the book. Overall good movie. So go watch it.

Immediately after the movie, had to rush for dinner as taking a flight back to KL and back to work tomorrow.

Tech Glitch of the Day: iphone somehow stop after each song even after reboot, so did put a second thought , but when I sync up, computer request for restore backup. So in the process lost some photos that I wanted to share with you all. Currently worked fine. So not sure what is the issue nor the root cause.


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