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Exploring Options out there for retirement

Met up with a Platinum Networker and using health product to be a vehicle of wealth growth. The primary goal is to grow your network. The new term learn is prosumer where by one believe in the effectiveness of the product thus you consume it and becomes a consumer but at the same time you use that as a vehicle to replicate the process thus the commission of the next person and its network goes to you.  So if you put in the effort , it will definitely grow exponentially. This is the MLM methodology. Yes the word by it self  has some misconception by a lot of the people. Primarily due bad encounters or aggressive approach in the past , be it our close friend , neighbors or even our close relatives.  I am pretty neutral as it is a mode of marketing by the company to reach out to the mass market.  It can be a win-win for those who honestly believe in the product and the product has true benefit and integrity. It’s a source of passive income and residual income.

As I see it, you can be a consumer or you can be a consumer and if you introduce another person to do the same , you  just lessen the cost of the product you consume.  So it’s a win-win. If the product is a truly beneficially, it will not be hard to introduce to the next person.  Having this little step mentality and scale it to many many introduction will then generate income. In order to be successful one needs to be passionate about the product and also the passion to help others and make others successful.  So it’s a feasible approach in wealth gathering and at the same time benefit from the product.  From the company side , using MLM is one way to give the responsibility or the opportunity for the consumer to use and make money out of it but most of all referral stratergy in this MLM structure helps penetrate a lot of untapped customer or area in relative to conventional advertising and distribution. Well, having said all that , how do you know if the MLM suits you. In my opinion.

  1. You need to love the product and brings you benefit and health these days seem to be very important to everyone , can spend the wealth without health,  so pick a product that meets your health objective if that is important to you.
  2. The product or company needs to be a niche in the market or have high integrity  (very easy to do research, use the power of  internet to do the search),
  3. Does the MLM or the person that introduce you have a structure or support team, or are you able to connect with the introducer that you can discuss openly and sincerely.
  4. Last but not least look at the compensation /commission/benefit and the residual income structure to see if you are meeting you financial goal ( as some may just want to introduce with the sole purpose of covering thier own consumption for the product).

If  you have this, looks like it’s gonna only be successful. But before one dive into making MLM a business for those who want to make a career out of it.  One must be able to overcome the mental. If you solely think of selling the product and make profit may not bring you far in relative in the passion to promote the end results ( in this case if its a health product  or financial freedom if its a investment product) and live a live model. Everyone want to see a living model and proof.  One needs to know WHY you are doing the business , the bigger the WHY the Easier the HOW.  Success is not easy at the beginning of an exponential graph. So one need to go down to talking, sharing, spend time researching how to penetrate to more leads or contacts and most of all take rejection. But if your “WHY” is so big, the challenges seem like sooo tiny.

So for folks like me , looking for either early retirement or what option after retirement.  MLM is one of the option one can consider with the right product one would gain wealth,product benefit, the network of support and friends along the way.  As for me, I have not sign any yet as still focusing on my trading education and my passion for martial art. But Platinum Networking group is definitely on of the option I am looking at as I like the health benefit that comes with the product. So happy hunting for passive income for after retirement funds.


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