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Wing Chun in Play

My passion for martial art since my childhood have took me through a journey of seeking and learning different martial art forms. In my teen , i took up from Karate Go-shu-ryu to Aikido Yoshinkan in my late 20ties and Chi-Kung and now to Wing Chun or more specific Yip Kin Wing Chun. I met Sensei Kahar and Sifiu and Grandmaster Yip Fook Choy who is the direct descendant of Yip Kin. Grandmaster began learning Wing Chun at a tender age of 8. Now at age 65, Grandmaster Yip Fook Choy continues to be very active and imparting his Wing Chun martial arts to students.

I found this art different from my previous training and philosophy. In aikido is to follow the energy  and lead the energy of the opponent center line before executing the throw or lock. However the Wing Chun philosophy is all about center line, and attacking opponent centerline in the shortest time is the goal. One must remember that this art was develop in the days when battles were fought over days in the battle field. Conservation of energy is the main aim, thus movements are designed to to be minimum, energy exerted is optimally used and borrowing the opponent energy to multiply the impact. Minimum effort but maximum impact.

I am currently learning the basic hand and foot work and the beginning of the “Small Flower”. “ small Flower” is the basic core set which will probably take me a good one year to master. My goal is to be able to learn at least to intermediate level ,  wooden dummy forms and a able to execute “ Chis Sau” effectively.

Overall I like the forms and the effectiveness of the move. The set forms kind of condition your memory muscles which will be crucial when one encounters confrontation as you will reacts with instinct and one do not have time think of the moves, the forms will come out is itself.  If anyone is interested in learning drop me a note, i will share where is the class.

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